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Chandler Unitown Camp

October, 2013

Chandler Unitown Camp is a diversity and leadership development camp for high school students. It is a great opportunity for young people from all over the City of Chandler to come together and deal with issues such as racism, violence in our community, cliques and many more topics that greatly affect teens on a daily basis.

"I personally feel like Unitown is the single most important experience for a teenager to have while they are in high school ... The camp builds friendships that will last a lifetime and provides campers with an irreplaceable support system that is far beyond anything any other group has been able to do." - Savannah W.

Unitown is a 4-day residential camp experience held at Andersen Junior High School in Chandler.  Teens will be sleeping in classrooms with a chaperone.  You are required to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow, air mattresses recommended. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided and we will accommodate all dietary needs.

By attending Unitown you will receive a total of 40 hours of community service.
Unitown also looks GREAT on college, scholarship, and job applications!

"Today's world has become extremely hostile in terms of hatred and discrimination. I believe it is important for my generation to experience Unitown so they can overcome such things." - Tyler V. 

"Unitown changes lives, simple as that! The tools and experience gained at camp are enough to eliminate ignorance and prejudice everywhere." -Chris B.

For further information, please call 480-782-2727.