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City of Chandler Salary Plan - 2013-14
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OT Status Legend:
Non-Exempt = Hourly Position
Exempt = Salaried Position
Excellence is the responsibility of everyone at the City of Chandler. We lead by our core values in constant pursuit of excellence:

*Commitment – Dedicate oneself to consistent and excellent public service
*Innovation – Implement unique, creative and cost-effective solutions
*Communication – Communicate in a positive, honest and productive manner
*Integrity - Adherence to high ethical standards
*Diversity – Promote inclusiveness and impartiality throughout the organization
*Personal Responsibility – Take initiative to achieve excellence and accept accountability
*Respect – Demonstrate a high regard for others
*Teamwork – Promote cooperative efforts, open communication and trust

All City employees are expected to conduct themselves in a way consistent with the above values.

Job Description

Pay Grade: 25                FLSA Status: Exempt
Job Group: Professional (P)        Class Code: P114            
Effective Date: 7/01             Revision Date: 8/10, 3/14        
Classification Summary:
The primary function of an employee in this class is to perform para-professional engineering duties in such areas as reviewing development plans, verifying costs and quantities, coordinating development project submittals with other divisions and departments, maintaining engineering records, and performing related tasks such as but-ins, dedication documents, and pre-tech reviews. Work involves the use of engineering techniques to interpret original designs and applicable regulations.

Essential Functions:
Essential Functions are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills. They are intended to be accurate summaries of what the job classification involves and what is required to perform it. Employees are responsible for all other duties as assigned.
Coordinates, reviews, and approves detailed engineering designs, including drawings, reports, and specifications, for compliance with engineering standards and City policies and guidelines;
Provides technical advice and assistance to other City departments, engineers, architects, and contractors for conformance with City policies and guidelines;
Reviews and assesses right-of-way requirements for projects and ensures dedication of required rights-of-way are made;
Reviews civil construction plans, preliminary plats, final plats, title reports, drainage reports, environmental assessments, affidavits of correction, and sewer reports for compliance to City code and conformance to reasonable practice;
Provides direction to co-workers less familiar with current review policies and practices;
Distributes and routes projects to co-workers in accordance with work loads;
Protects the City's interest by identifying design situations with cost implications to the City from liability or maintenance issues;
Responds to inquiries from the public on existing or proposed engineering requirements on subdivisions;
Meets with developers and engineers to review project requirements before submission for review;
Coordinates plan revisions with off-site inspections;
Reviews plans for economic development;
Reviews encroachment permit applications for utilities, contractors, and other parties;
Prepares "buy-in" assessment agreements and calculates costs for developers;
Ensures persons and agencies affected by projects are informed and processes established; coordinates and communicates design development, plan reviews, permitting, changes in design or construction, and internal or external agency involvement and approval;
Serves as a liaison and contact person for engineers and developers through the development and review process required by the City;
Exercises engineering judgment for quality control of development plans and checks hydrology calculations and other related reports;
Coordinates with the county for FEMA designated floodplains; coordinates the recertification or revision of property in floodplains;
Communicates and coordinates regularly with appropriate others to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of interdepartmental operations and activities;
Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City policies and procedures;
Works in a safe manner and reports unsafe activity and conditions. Follows City-wide safety policy and practices and adheres to responsibilities concerning safety prevention, reporting and monitoring as outlined in the City's Safety Handbook.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of:
Civil engineering principles and practices relating to design and construction; Impact fee policies and procedures;
Standard practices and procedures for plan, permit, and license application review, evaluation, and approval, including documentation.
Municipal, state, federal, and other applicable codes relating to construction and contracting;
Industry design and construction standards for capital improvement and public works projects;
Industry design and construction standards for private development projects on-site and off-site improvements;
Planning and organizational skills;
Research and analysis techniques;
Operation of standard office equipment and a personal computer using job-related software programs;
Operation of a motor vehicle;
English grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
City of Chandler and Maricopa Association of Governments design standards and
City of Chandler Technical Design Manuals (TDM's);
City of Chandler ordinances governing public works infrastructure design and
Standard practices and procedures for plan, permit, and license application review,
    evaluation, and approval, including documentation.

Ability to:
Follow written and oral instructions;
Read and interpret legal and property descriptions, ordinance and code documents,
    technical and instructional documents, and building plans, blueprints, and diagrams;
Relate plans, diagrams, and blueprints to projects in various stages of construction and
Relate plans, diagrams, and blueprints to projects in various stages of construction and
Perform mathematical and engineering calculations relating to the review of
    construction plans and blueprints;
Operate a motor vehicle;
Prepare oral and written reports and maintain review documents, correspondence, and
    related files and records;
Operate standard office equipment, including a personal computer using program
    applications appropriate to assigned duties;
Communicate effectively and establish and maintain working relationships with other
    employees, the public, developers and builders, customers, applicants, property owners, and other interested and affected parties, including in difficult and sometimes adversarial circumstances.
Communicate effectively with City staff, developers, consultants, and the public; Coordinate and complete multiple projects, ensuring comprehensive oversight of each phase;
Respond to citizen and news media requests in a courteous and effective manner;

Supervision Received:
The work is performed under the direct supervision of the Development Services Engineer

Supervision Exercised:

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering or a
    related field;
Five (5) years of civil engineering plan review or design or complex project review experience;
Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge
and abilities necessary to perform the work.

Work Environment:
The primary duties of this class are performed in a public building environment.

Essential Physical Abilities:
Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing or other communication capabilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to discern verbal instructions and communicate effectively in person and on a telephone;
Sufficient visual acuity or other powers of observation, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to comprehend written work instructions and to review, evaluate, and prepare a variety of written documents and text materials;
Sufficient manual dexterity, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to operate standard office equipment including a personal computer, and to operate a motor vehicle;
Sufficient personal mobility, flexibility, and physical reflexes, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to lift and carry objects up to 20 pounds, to work in an office environment, and perform field inspections.