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Official Website of the Chandler Arizona Fire Department

Chandler FH&M responds to a changing public safety and healthcare landscape
Roles and responsibilities evolve as community expectations grow and training expands capabilities

Chief Tom DwigginsOn June 22, 1937, the first meeting of the Chandler Fire Department was held. Initially staffed by volunteers, the Department’s first paid Chief was hired in 1953. In 1975 the Department added advanced emergency medical care by training three firefighters as paramedics. 
The Department has evolved since 1937 to become a internationally accredited agency that responds to a variety of calls with 12 front line apparatus and 187 line Firefighters. The department is trained, equipped and staffed with 131 paramedics to respond to medical emergencies, provide preventative health education and participate in community health clinics.

As the demand for services has changed, the name “Fire” by itself no longer fully describes the services provided. On July 27, 2014, the Chandler Fire Department became the Chandler Fire, Health and Medical Department.

This new name is appropriate for our ever evolving Department; a progressive, internationally accredited organization with a distinguished history of service to the community.

Thanks to the support of the Chandler City Council and city management team the department is well equipped and prepared to respond to all emergencies. Thanks to the dedication of the members of IAFF local 493 and the department's 16 Chief Fire Officers a successful collaborative working environment has enabled us to achieve a great deal of success.
We consider ourselves an integral part of the Chandler Community. Members of the department spend countless off-duty hours volunteering in the community. It is our sense of community that enables us to respond to local needs with empathy and compassion. Giving back to the people of Chandler is our way of saying thanks.