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Chandler's 2015 Special Census now complete

“I want to extend a big thank you to all those living in Chandler who helped our City with this year's Special Census. By being counted, Chandler receives funding that helps provide important City services, and I appreciate the effort that our residents have made to make sure that the Census is an accurate reflection of our community.”
– Mayor Jay Tibshraeny

Most of us are familiar with the nationwide Decennial Census conducted every 10 years by the U.S. Census Bureau. The last Decennial Census was held in 2010. The first such census occurred in 1790.
In 1903, the Census Bureau was authorized to conduct mid-decade Censuses. When local officials believe there has been a significant population change in their community due to growth or annexation, a special mid-decade Census may be requested.
The Census information obtained by conducting a mid-decade Census can produce an increase in state revenue sharing or other benefits. This is why Chandler is paying the U.S. Census Bureau to perform a special mid-decade Census in our community.
Unlike the Decennial Census which can be accomplished using a mail-in questionnaire, a mid-decade Census is conducted in person with a Census Enumerator. These people are local residents, perhaps even your neighbor, who receive specialized training and a background check, are fingerprinted and sworn to secrecy. Your answers are combined with others to produce statistical summaries that are published.
The Census Bureau’s policy on confidentiality dates back 150 years. Since it was established, the agency has processed hundreds of millions of questionnaires—from those filled out by movie stars to those completed by your neighbors—without any breach of trust.

Thank you for participating in our Special Census!

More information:
To find out more about the Special Census, visit the Census Bureau’s website.

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Download Frequently Asked Questions about Chandler's 2015 Special Census (PDF).