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Why Chandler is Prepared for Drought

For decades, smart management decisions have helped Chandler to maintain a steady water supply. Chandler began preparing for naturally occurring droughts decades ago.  Chandler started its water conservation programs in 1990 with the goal of instilling a water conservation ethic and permanently reducing water use. 

While California has issued cutbacks on water deliveries and fines for overwatering, Arizona has been preparing for drought for decades. Water continues to flow to Chandler residents, and the City continues to grow economically. Even with the significant growth and dry periods experienced by Chandler in recent years, the City has not had to restrict your water usage due to supply shortages, and it doesn't expect to do so any time soon.

Chandler has prepared for drought by:
  • Securing a diversified water supply to reduce its reliance on one water source.
  • Implementing a progressive Water Conservation Program and Ordinances that actively promote water conservation practices, regardless of the water supply.
  • Constructing a Reclaimed Water System as an environmentally sound way of reusing our water resources while saving our potable water supplies for future uses.
  • Constructing a reliable well program that allows the City to pump groundwater during times of surface water shortages and to meet peak summer demands. 
  • Developing a Underground Storage and Recovery Program that allows the City to store surface water underground so it can be recovered using City wells when it is needed during surface water shortages.
Droughts don’t last forever. Above average snowfalls for several years can return our lakes to normal levels and provide years of renewable water supplies. Research shows that even during the longest drought, brief fluctuations of average or above average precipitation can occur.

Water conservation is working. We are using less water per person, per household than we did 20 or 30 years ago. In fact, the average household in Chandler is using 10% less water today than they did 15 years ago despite population increases of more than 29%.

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