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Graffiti Hotline

Code Enforcement oversees the City's Graffiti Removal Program. For information regarding graffiti reduction efforts call the City of Chandler Graffiti Hotline, (480) 782-4322. This line is available 24 hours.
To make police a report regarding graffiti, call the Chandler Police Department non-emergency number, (480) 782-4130. To report an incident of graffiti about to occur, in progress, or just occurred, call 9-1-1.
When officers locate unreported graffiti they initiate a report including a comprehensive description of the graffiti, paint color(s), names, numbers and/or other symbology portrayed. Photographs of the graffiti are taken to be used as evidence in the event the responsible person is apprehended. The officer then obliterates the graffiti with white spray paint primer, provided by the department and kept in the trunk of each patrol car. Upon return to the police department, the officer completes a special action request and forwards it to the Neighborhood Services Graffiti Removal Program. The graffiti will be removed/painted over by the city, free of charge. The city has a limited selection of paint colors and will use a color that most closely matches the existing wall or fence.