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Yellow Flashing Left Turn Signal
Chandler is installing flashing yellow left turn signals at intersections to improve traffic flow. 
Yellow Flashing Turn Signal

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This type of signal was approved by the Federal Highway Administration after research showed the flashing yellow arrow heightens driver awareness when turning left in front of oncoming traffic.
The flashing yellow arrow traffic signal consists of four arrow lights that are used exclusively for left-turning traffic.
The flashing yellow arrow signals that you may turn left, but is a more obvious reminder than the traditional green ball that you should be yielding to oncoming traffic.
When the flashing yellow arrow becomes a steady yellow arrow, this is a warning that the light is about to turn red, so prepare to stop.
Benefits of New Left-turn Arrows 

- Eliminates motorist confusion as to the meaning of the circular green light, which can be mistaken as a protected left turn.

- Provides more opportunities for drivers to turn left.

- Can be used in all intersection and signal configurations.

- Enables the left-turn control to be varied during the day.
The Flashing Yellow Arrow Left Turn Signal is being implemented in a number of cities nationwide, including Mesa, Scottsdale and Gilbert. Chandler is working to eventually install the flashing yellow turn arrows at all intersections in the City that have left-turn arrows.
For more information, call 480-782-3481.