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Frequently Asked Questions: 

City Clerk's Office - Elections

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about City elections.

When are the City elections held? 
Chandler's elections coincide with the State fall elections in even-numbered years. The Primary Election will be Aug. 28, 2018. The Regular Election will be Nov. 6, 2018. 

What are the qualifications for City Council?
You must be 18 years of age, a registered voter and a resident of the City (or an annexed area) for two years immediately preceding the election. Elections are non-partisan and at-large. 

How do I get my name on the ballot?
Packets containing the necessary paperwork to run for City Council will be available in the fall of 2017. The packet contains the required nomination papers, financial disclosure information and the nomination petitions for signature gathering.

Who is eligible to vote in a City election?
Only registered voters within the Chandler city limits are eligible to vote.  Voter registration closes 29 days prior to an election.

How do I register to vote?
To register to vote, you must be:
- A United States Citizen
- Eighteen years of age or older on or before the election
- Resident of the City 29 days prior to the election
- Have not been convicted of a felony or treason, if so, your civil rights have been restored
If you are registering for the first time within Maricopa County, you must also submit proof of citizenship with your voter registration form.

Can I vote before Election Day?
Early balloting is available prior to an election.  You may request a ballot by mail by calling 602-506-1511, writing to Maricopa County Election Department or making a request over the Internet at Visit the Elections Page for more information.

Where can I find election information? 
Prior to the election, the City Clerk sends a sample ballot to each household containing a registered voter. The sample ballot lists the names of the candidates and any propositions or questions that qualified for the ballot. The sample ballot also lists the name and location of your polling place. If there are propositions or questions on the ballot, a publicity pamphlet also will be sent that lists the full text of the proposals. In addition, these publications are posted on the Elections Page along with other pertinent election information.

Why does my polling place change?
Every effort is made to make voting as convenient as possible. Due to availability, facility restrictions or jurisdictional concerns, the same polling place may not be available for each election. We ask that voters carefully check their sample ballot for polling place location.  For your convenience, there a polling place locater is available through the Elections Page. Early voting also is a great alternative to ensure your voice is heard.