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Men's Basketball

The City of Chandler offers three seasons of 5-on-5 Adult Men's Basketball played on Sunday's at Hamilton High School.
Five divisions will be offered:
B1 very competitive (1-5 p.m.*)
B2 competitive (5-9 p.m.*)
C intermediate (1-5 p.m.*)
D recreational (5-9 p.m.*)
D recreational 35+ (7-10 p.m.*)

The league will run seven weeks of regular season play followed by a single elimination post-season tournament. An additional “D” recreational league will be offered at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center (7-10 p.m.*)
                                                          "Da Fellas" B1                  "The Professionals" B2                 "The Dubs" C                                       
                                                            "Cornerstone" D          "Simply En Fuego" TRC-D         "Seasoned Vets" 35+

Rules and Regulations
2018 Winter Standings
(Updated March 7 2018 1:59 p.m.)

Hamilton High School

Tumbleweed Recreation Center
(Updated March 6, 2018 12:56 p.m.)