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Information Technology Division - Infrastructure

Infrastructure consists of the Tech Support/Helpdesk and NOS (Network) areas. They are responsible for a variety of tasks including:
  • Desktop Support
    Support of 1,800+ desktops, laptops, printers and a wide range of other peripherals located in various City locations.
  • Fiber Optic Network
    All City Campus buildings are interconnected with fiber cabling.
  • Virus Protection
    Virus scanning software is installed on file servers and desktop PC’s. This software interactively scans files to detect viruses as the files are used. When a virus is detected, the system automatically repairs the file by cleaning the virus, and then notifies both the user and IT staff of a potential problem. This software is updated regularly to provide a high level of protection for our information systems from the threat of virus attack.
  • Advanced High Speed Network Backbone
    A high speed 1 gigabit network connects the City's Campus buildings. This network provides speed and reliability for all users in the campus. Internal networks in those buildings have been moved to a completely switched environment, with 100 MBPS connections provided to the desktops.
  • Access to Internet
    All authorized employees connected to the network have access to the Internet.
  • Server backup
    IT currently has a number of tape systems to backup 90+ servers that are scheduled to automatically backup on a daily basis. An off-site storage facility is used to store the tape media for operational/disaster recovery.