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Information Technology Division - Administration

The Information Technology (IT) department has a dedicated administrative staff that provides high quality information technology services to City employees.  The services provided by the staff includes:
  • Administer procurement, budget, technology asset management, computer replacement cycle, and hardware/software maintenance agreements;
  • Schedule, preparation and delivery of desktop training;
  • Support IT staff by coordinating training, travel and fiscal responsibility.

IT Training Center
A key element to success in serving our citizens is developing a workforce that can effectively utilize the technologies of the modern workplace.  Employee training is critical to build the skills needed to serve the City's citizens with speed and accuracy.  IT and Human Resources work together to provide the continuous and on-going training necessary for training the City's workforce.  The IT Department is responsible for providing citywide training in desktop technology and Oracle Financial Systems.   A training center and professional trainer are located on-site, which enables the City of Chandler an advantage when delivering high quality, customized and efficient technical training.

The Training Center is available to departments for additional specialized computer training.  Many Departments have utilized the IT training facility for application-specific training for their employees.  The Training Center has also been used to host technical training classes offered by outside companies, which are attended by City of Chandler staff and other agencies.

PC Rollout
A PC life cycle illustrates the useful life of a computer from its initial acquisition to its ultimate disposition and should be based on end-user needs, technology changes, as well as the cost to support technology. In an effort to address these issues, the City of Chandler has identified what a reasonable PC life cycle should be for citywide agencies. Based on City guidelines, the recommended PC replacement/refresh cycle is set at 4 years for desktop computers and laptops.

Loaner Program
IT provides select technical equipment for occasional use by other City departments on a loaner basis.   Departments may borrow laptops, projectors and thus avoid spending scarce funds to acquire equipment that may receive only occasional use.   

Center of Excellence
The Center of Excellence (COE) is committed to providing its employees an environment that fosters teamwork, communication and self-improvement. The Committee encourages employees to treat each other and our customers with dignity and respect and to support the IT Vision and Mission Statement.  The COE team consists of a representative from each of the work groups within IT. The objectives of the COE is to:

  • Provide opportunities to promote teamwork;
  • Improve communication throughout the d