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Business Climate

Chandler's larger and proven workforce benefits companies throughout the region.

Industry leaders such as Intel and Microchip Technology are utilizing this labor force to continually expand Chandler's high-technology base. Our workforce is highly educated, with nearly 70 percent of our residents having some college experience.

Work Force Development
The Arizona Work Force Recruitment and Job Training program provides short-term customized grants for the training of new employees. The program is administered by the Arizona Department of Commerce in coordination with training providers such as the community colleges, private post-secondary institutions, trade school or with the applicant itself. The program funds up to 75 percent of the total eligible costs, with the company contributing the other 25 percent. Recent awards range from $300 to $1,000 per employee.

The Center for Workforce Development serves as the central resource for the most current labor market information, as well as regional and national data on economic and workforce trends and issues. The Center also serves as a hub, bringing together industry and education for discussions on curriculum and faculty training.

The City of Chandler works closely with the Arizona@Work - Maricopa County to assist companies with all facets of work force needs. This includes developing customized training programs, providing recruitment and pre-screening, and assisting with the application process for the Arizona Work Force and Job Training Grant. 

Source: ESRI Business Analyst 2016  
The City of Chandler has a highly educated population with nearly 70 percent of adult residents having attended college.

Worker's Compensation Premiums                                       Local Area Statistics
(Cost per $100 of payroll) Chandler *Maricopa County
Arizona $1.73 Labor Force 146,020 1,970,494
Utah $2.06 Employment 140,442 1,841,307
New Mexico $2.41 Unemployment 5,578 123,826
Nevada $2.36 Unemployment Rate 3.8% 5.4%
Texas $2.84 NOTE: Above numbers are based on preliminary monthly report for March 2016.
California $4.13
Source: Arizona Office of Employment and Population Statistics, in cooperation with the U.S. Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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