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Architectural Review Committee

The five-member committee is responsible for reviewing downtown Chandler buildings within the City Center District (CCD) zoning prior to development, redevelopment, building or structure construction or reconstruction; building or structure expansion, enlargement, structural alteration, of facade renovation; or any expansion of a use permitted by right in this zoning district exceeding twenty (20) percent of a building or structure's existing floor area as outlined in Chapter 35, Section 3205 of the Zoning Code; or any sign installation that does not fully comply with the standards and requirements for CCD in Chapter 39 Sign Code.

Meetings are held as needed at 215 E. Buffalo St.

Architectural Review Committee Members
Requirements:  One member must be a member of the Planning & Zoning Commission; one member of the Planning & Development staff; and three public members, at least one shall be a business or property owner located in the District or a member of the DCCP; and at least one shall be an architect, landscape architect, historian or an individual otherwise qualified by design background, training or experience.

Members (5) Term Expires  Date Appointed
Jason Crampton 05-01-2020 09-14-2017
Bryan Saba 05-01-2020 05-12-2016
Matt Eberle 05-01-2018 10-22-2015
Patti Bruno 05-01-2018 04-23-2009
Devan Wastchak 05-01-2019 04-14-2016
Staff Liaison
Jodie Novak, Senior Planner 480-782-3060

Revised 01-30-2018

Board and Commission Handbook

Established 7-10-2000

Bylaws (adopted 03-30-01)

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