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Cultural Affairs Division

Brenda Brown

The Cultural Affairs Division oversees the management and operations of the Chandler Center for the Arts, Vision Gallery, Chandler Public Libraries and Chandler Museum. Each area of the division offers citizens a variety of services, programs, activities and special events on a year-round basis.

The Cultural Affairs Division provides information to the public on cultural and historical programs, libraries, and special events provided by the City. It also provides information to the City Manager's office to assist in the implementation of Council policies. In addition, staff provides administrative support to the Museums Advisory Board.

Chandler Public LibraryThe Chandler Public Library system strives to assist all citizens in obtaining information to meet their diverse personal, educational and professional needs. With four locations in all geographic areas of the community, library users have the opportunity to meet and interact with others, sit quietly and read in an approachable and inviting environment, with high-speed access to the digital world. As the information leader, we provide a variety of resources, in a variety of formats, so library users of all ages can explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives. All four Chandler Libraries are responsible for the selection and circulation of materials in a variety of mediums. The libraries serve as learning, educational and cultural centers for the community and promote the development of appreciation for reading and learning. Staff also provides support for the Library Board.

Chandler MuseumThe Chandler Museum is located  in the historic McCullough-Price House that houses an archival research center and exhibit gallery. Tumbleweed Ranch is also part of the Chandler Museum,which features a 1917 home, historic grocery store and antique agricultural equipment, located in Tumbleweed Park.  The Museum is an innovative learning environment where the community comes together to share our stories, store ou